who is the prophet Muhammad saw?

juillet 29, 2006 oceane04

The last and final prophet that God sent to humanity was the Prophet Muhammad (Salalahu Alayyhi Wa Salam/ Peace and Blessings be upon him)
Muhammad (SAW) explained, interpreted and lived the teachings of Islaam.
The Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is the greatest of all prophets for many reasons, but mainly because the results of his mission have brought more people into the pure belief in One God than any other prophet.
Even though other religious communities claimed to believe in One God, over time they had corrupted their beliefs by taking their prophets and saints as intercessors with Almighty God.

Some religions believe their prophets to be manifestations of God, « God Incarnate » or the « Son of God ». All of these false ideas lead to the creature being worshipped instead of the Creator, which contributed to the idolatrous practice of believing that Almighty God can be approached through intermediaries. In order to guard against these falsehoods, the Prophet Muhammad(SAW) always emphasised that he was only a human-being tasked with the preaching of God’s message. He taught Muslims to refer to him as « the Messenger of God and His Slave ».
To Muslims, Muhammad (SAW) is the supreme example for all people – he was the exemplary prophet, statesman, military leader, ruler, teacher, neighbour, husband, father and friend. Unlike other prophets and messengers, the Prophet Muhammad lived in the full light of history. Muslims don’t need to have « faith » that he existed and that his teachings are preserved – they know it to be a fact. Even when his followers only numbered a few dozen, Almighty God informed Muhammad(SAW) that he had be sent as a mercy to all of mankind. Because people had distorted or forgotten God’s messages, God took it upon Himself to protect the message revealed to Muhammad(SAW). This was because Almighty God promised not to send another messenger after him.
Since all of God’s messengers have preached the message of Islaam – i.e. submission to the will of God and the worship of God alone – Muhammad(SAW) is actually the last prophet of Islaam, not the first.


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